Hop on the time machine


The motorcycling industry is forever changing, and at a rapid rate. Every day there's a bike that's gonna break the speed record, an engine with more CCs than a custom chopper fest, heck, next thing you know we'll see a foldable Class 2 motorcycle from one of the big brands. Alright, maybe not that extreme but you get the point.

And while all of that is pretty exciting, sometimes, we gotta take a blast to the past and pay homage to the bikes that paved the way for motorcycle culture and the ever-changing roads of Singapore (literally).

Turning back to a bygone era when analogue speedometers, chromed parts, and eardrum-shattering loud pipes dominated the scene, Heritage is our very own nostalgic spin-off of the Back to the Future series but instead of Marty and Doc in the DeLorean, it's the Creo Boyz on kick-started, carburated, oil-leaking, two-wheeled machines.

Check out the latest issues of Heritage below!

1973 Suzuki TS250

A Classic Off-Road Ripper

1976 Kawasaki Z900

The King of Motorcycles