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Creo Customs x FM Custom
Honda CB350

The CB series is one that needs no introduction, so let’s talk specifics. We’ve taken a stock CB350 and done all the stuff Honda should have. The fugly original tiered seat is gone, replaced with a new moulded tracker style seat in premium, diamond stitched dark brown leather.

She’s had a complete front/rear fender rehaul, adding a rear tail tidy and a custom front fender, which despite looking the part, also shaves a chunk of weight from the bike, improving its power to weight ratio.

We’ve also added a set of road-loving knobblies to give it some bark, a fresh paint job, custom grips, aftermarket LED indicators, custom engine covers, plus a whole heap of other extras.

Hit us up for your custom needs and let's add a lil bit of spice to your ride.