At its core, Creo is all about forging a new path in the motorcycle industry.

We’ve curated the most stylish portfolio of motorcycles on the market, made up of the usual suspects plus a few fresh faces.

From household brands like Triumph and Vespa, to emerging ones, such as Maeving and Switch, we got an arsenal of unique hogs that are sure to turn a couple (or more) heads while you're cruisin' through the streets of Singapore.

On top of that, we're also an avenue for you to customise your bikes and separate yourself from the pack.

Similar to what we've done to a couple of Honda CB350s here.

Honestly, we could go on but we'll let the bikes do the talking.

Bring Your Vision to Life


Need a paint job that could put artwork in the Louvre to shame?

We got you.

Need new tyres that could make asphalt roads look like a doodlebook?

We got you too.

Your ride should be an extension of yourself and turn a whole lot of heads as you put pedal to the metal in Singapore streets.

Ready to get started?