The Honda CB400 Super Four Reinvented

The Terminator

Reinventing the wheel and carving up new paths are what we are all about and the moment we got our hands on this bad boy, we knew we were in for a treat. But before we get into the nitty gritty of things, let's chat about the Super Four's history and what makes it one of the most popular bikes on Singapore's roads.

The CB400 Super Four has been on the scene since '92, making waves with its unbelievable combo of performance and practicality. Back in '99, they dropped the CB400SF Version S, giving it a slick makeover with those modern vibes to vibe with a wider crew.

Now, the real game-changer hit in 2002 – they threw in that VTEC tech. Yeah, like the same VTEC you hear about with cars. Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, bringing that extra juice at different RPMs. Just like Drago in Rocky IV, juiced up to the gills, and knocking everybody out with one punch, the S4 leaves your sorry asses in its tail light with one twist of the throttle.

Over the years, Honda kept it fresh, dropping updates and new models. They kept the style game strong, tech on point, and the performance dialed in for whatever you're into – city cruising, weekend rides, you name it.

And peeps ate it up, especially in spots like Singapore, where it sits perfectly in the middle ground of a 3-tiered motorcycle license tree. It's in the sweet spot for folks who want to upgrade from the basic Class 2B license, yet still maintain the luxury of hassle free maintenance and function that's rarely found in bikes that sit at the peak of the Class 2 mountain. The CB400 Super Four became the cool kid on the block, rocking that manageable engine size, versatile moves, and a sleek design that's just Instagram-worthy. Head over to your nearest driving centre and ask any fella taking their 2A course what bike they're looking to upgrade to and 9 times out of 10, the Super Four is what they've got their eyes on.

Truly a household name of our generation.

Anyway, keep on scrolling to check out the details on this bad boy!