Trip Machine - Mini Pannier (Brown)

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Tobacco Brown
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The Mini Pannier is the Mini-Me of our Roll Top Backpack Pannier. It is identical to the Backpack Pannier in every way but is one-third of its size. This means that you have to settle for carrying a Tablet instead of a Laptop.

A small price to pay when you see that this badass can hold just about everything you NEED, all this without compromising your motorcycle's looks in any way. Its compact dimensions mean that your bike gets to be the Batman to the Mini Pannier's Robin.

Easy to mount on and off the bike, it also has a few secret weapons including a sexy shoulder strap to carry it once it's off the bike without losing any of that mojo baby!


We also offer a bespoke mount that enables the Mini Pannier to be mounted on the big daddy Pannier just so you can take them both on your adventures. The Mount does not come with the Backpack and is to be bought SEPARATELY.

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